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HR Professionals

Employii connects HR Professionals across the country in an informal network, to encourage career growth and professional development. We all have an opportunity to contribute to creating strong, supported and strategic careers in psychologically safe workplaces.

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COMING SOON: Accelerate your career with online courses and mentoring tailored towards Human Resources professionals. 

HR Graduate Accelerator Program

Landing your first job in HR is hard. Employers often don't have the time or resources to train someone up fresh from Uni. This is where our Accelerator Program comes in. We train junior HR people so they can hit the ground running and access ongoing support as they progress their careers. 

HR Grads: Get an undeniable advantage when entering the workforce.  

Employers: This will save you in time and money, and position you as an Employer of choice. It's so hard to find someone with just the right experience for junior roles. Why? Because they're working at the companies that gave them a chance when they first started. 

With an evident skills shortage, companies must be open to hiring and supporting less experienced professionals. Let us take the stress away so you can focus on more complicated matters, while being confident your new Grad is getting the support they need. 

Industrial Relations for Recruiters

Recruitment is an essential part to any business; but it's more than hiring the right person. To accelerate your career and give yourself the best chance of promotion, you must understand IR. 

Recruiters that understand how to interpret Awards and Agreements, and who apply anti-discrimination, are more competent in their role and reduce risks of underpayment and discrimination claims.

Project Management for HR

This course will give HR professionals the confidence they need to execute a considered and successful project. 

This course combines the expert knowledge of a Project Management Professional and Employii's Senior Leadership Team, to give you an industry-specific project management education.

Interested in a course? 

Let us know here, and we'll let you know as soon as they become available!