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We have developed a service to support your unique needs, and to protect yourself from becoming accessorily liable.

Whether you need a sounding board, or want to delegate the task completely, we're here to save you time and stress, and support you to provide a high quality and comprehensive service to your clients.

What is 'Accessorial Liability' & Why All Bookkeepers & Accountants Need to Know!

The Fair Work Ombudsman describes this as "Accessorial liability occurs when a person or company is involved in the contravention of a workplace law. When this happens, they’re treated the same way as the employer responsible for the contravention. They can be ordered by a court to pay employees’ unpaid wages and entitlements, as well as penalties for their involvement in the contravention" and have been taking a strict stance since 2018.

Take this example where Coles were held accessorily liable for contractors, despite their indirect relationship. This exercise cost them over $220k in back payments and penalties.

Let's work together to make sure people are paid right!

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