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Our Team

At Employii we create strong, supported and strategic careers and psychologically safe workplaces. 

We're committed to achieving this within our own workplace, as much as we are for our clients'. 

Our Team
Intern at Employii

Ella Burke

Founding Director | HR & IR


Ella founded Employii in 2021 and is passionate about providing a people-centred service that brings Employers and Employees together, in order to achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders.  

With a strong background in industrial relations and employment relations Ella previously worked in the NFP, Health and Union spaces. She now covers all industries within State and Federal jurisdictions in Australia.

When she's not working, you'll catch her playing sport, spending time with friends and family or hanging out somewhere by the coast.

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Cassidy (Cass) Eastabrook

HR Consultant


Bringing with her a background in employment relations, generalist HR and recruitment, Cass is our resident HR Consultant. Cass has experience across all industries within the State and Federal systems and has worked extensively within the transport, trade and disability support sectors.

Cass is passionate about helping employers move from a reactive to proactive approach to HR.

Outside of work, you’ll find Cass with family or friends, on the beach, out shopping or curled up with a good book and a glass of wine.

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Hollie Schippers

HR Consultant


Hollie brings a background in generalist HR, employee experience, and learning and development. She has experience across various industries, including healthcare, fitness, mining, and hospitality. Hollie is passionate about partnering with organisations to increase productivity and create positive organisational cultures which promote employee wellbeing and people development.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find Hollie somewhere by the coast, at the gym, exploring Perth’s best restaurants and cafes, or travelling.


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Haze Guiriba

HR Admin & Systems Lead


An expert in systems, admin, automation, project management and customer service, we couldn't be more excited to have Haze join our team in June 2022 and is fluent in both Filipino and English.

Hitting the ground running, Haze will continue to improve Employii's systems and ways of working, to ensure top-tier efficiency and customer service. 

Haze's favourite things to do include travelling, watching movies, reading books and catching up with mates.


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Jess Roughsedge

HR Officer


Jess recently graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor’s degree in business and human resource management. She is excited to begin a career in HR and learn from the team at Employii. Jess is particularly interested in promoting employee wellbeing, facilitating learning and development, and promoting a positive workplace culture.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find Jess trying new restaurants with her friends, hitting up the shops, on the netball court, or exploring her new home in Perth.


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Cheng Rivadelo

HR Admin


Cheng is well-experienced in HR administrative tasks, including but not limited to recruitment, training and learning, timekeeping, pre-payroll administration, benefits administration, and system administration; Cheng is a great addition to the team! She also has experience in automation, process improvement, and documentation.

Outside work, her favourite hobbies are singing, playing video games, and spending time with her family and friends.


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Thien Nguyen

HR Consultant


Thien brings experience across generalist HR, recruitment, with industry experience across disability support, allied health, hospitality and NFP sectors. Thien is passionate about working with anyone and everyone, and create positive change through understanding an organisation's HR needs.

When he's not at work, you’ll find Thien playing his guitar and piano, fishing, reading a book or thoughtfully dissecting the meaning behind movies. 


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Employii Interns: Where are they now?



Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management & Business Law)

Current Role: Full Time Student, HR Intern

Company: UWA/Employii

Dejah's Tip: No matter if you have learned something before, keep your mind open to learning about it again. It can only add to your toolbox of knowledge and experience.    

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Degree: Bachelor's degree in Commerce. Majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychology in Society

Current Role: Business Graduate

Company: Ventia

Freya's Tip: Who you know is more important than what you know. Build strong connections! Don't be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion. 


Connect with Freya



Degree: Bachelors degree & Post Grad Org Pscyh

Current Role: Full-Time Student | HR intern

Uni/Company: UWA / Employii

Georgia's Tip: Go into every conversation with open ears. Everyone has something important to say, given the space to do so. 


Connect with Georgia



Degree: Master of HR & Employment Relations

Current Role: Full Time Student | HR Intern

Uni/Company: UWA | International Student | Employii

Aisha's Tip: Networking is key as an international student. While people management may share many similarities globally, you will realize that you learn something new every day.

Aisha joins Employii as an intern in Sem 1 2023! 

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Degree: BCom (HRM & Psychology)

Current Role: HR Officer | Full Time Student

Company: Employii

Chelsea's Tip: Organisation is key when working in HR! While at Uni, find proactive methods that keep you on track and stick with them.   

Connect with Chelsea


Degree: Master of HRM & Employment Relations

Current Role: People Experience Coordinator

Company: CV Check

Jess' Tip: Get involved in as many opportunities as possible, create connections with others in HR and ask questions.       

Connect with Jess


Degree: BCom (HRM) 

Current Role: Full Time Student

Uni: UWA | International Student

Mithra's Tip: For international students, prioritise management skills and focus on developing your network. These are key strategies for success!         

Connect with Mithra


Degree: BCom (HRM & Marketing)

Current Role: HR Administrator

Company: Revos Fitness

Marcus' Tip: Coming soon!


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Degree: BCom (HRM & Psychology)

Current Role: People & Culture Administrator

Company: COMO Hotels

Ella's Tip: Coming soon!


Connect with Ella


Degree: BCom (HRM & Psychology)

Current Role: Full Time Student | Receptionist

Uni/Company: Curtin Uni | Chelsea Psychology

Sophie's Tip: Coming soon!    

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Degree: Post Graduate Diploma in HR

Current Role: Specialist, Graduate Talent

Company: Rio Tinto

Tay's Tip: Taylor is a big advocate for HRM networking events during and after your studies.

Connect with Taylor


Degree: BCom (HRM)

Current Role: People & Culture Advisor

Company: Austal

Chloe's Tip: When an opportunity arises don't doubt yourself. Trust your gut and go for it!    

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