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Unfair Dismissal & General Protection Claims

You have 21 days to lodge an unfair dismissal claim from the last day of employment.

If you have been dismissed, you must contact us as soon as possible.

Unfair Dismissals
General Protections
Workers Compensation
Other Claims

Unfair Dismissals

If you have been unfairly dismissed, we can support you by:

  • Assessing the merit of your case. 
  • Providing advice.
  • Review submissions.
  • Lodge Unfair Dismissal Claims.
  • Represent you in Unfair Dismissal Conciliations.

By having an HR expert who understand the technicalities of unfair dismissal processes, you can achieve better outcomes, without the expensive legal fees.

At Employii we pride ourselves on being accountable. We promise to be transparent with you about expected outcomes so you can make the right decision for you. Too many consultants string clients along by providing unrealistic expectations which translate to exacerbated stress. You have our word that we will provide accurate, considered and honest advice every step of the way. 

Under Fair Work, you have 21 days to lodge an application. Contact us ASAP if you require support. 

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General Protections

General protection claims are for when an Employer takes adverse action against an Employee who has a workplace right, has exercised a workplace right or proposes to exercise a workplace right. 

Adverse actions include:

  • Dismissing them
  • Not giving legal entitlements
  • Changing their job to their disadvantage
  • Treating them differently to others
  • Not hiring them
  • Offering unfair terms and conditions compared to other employees

Employii can support you by:

  • Providing advice and assessing the merit of your case.
  • helping you with your application. 
  • Representing you in conciliations.
  • Ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. 
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Workers Compensation

While Employii does not assist with workers compensation claims, we can certainly put you in touch with trusted professionals who can. Please ask us for a referral and we can connect you.

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Other Claims

There are other claims  employees are entitled to lodge. For example, seeking underpayments or enforcing a contractual term. 

For support with these please contact us for a confidential and complimentary initial discussion. 

Depending on the claim, we will be happy to support directly - or, we can refer you to another trusted advisor. This way, either way, you are reassured you're in safe hands.

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