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Employer Services 

From ad hoc HR tasks to outsourcing your entire department, we're here to help you 'do' HR right.

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Hourly HR Services

$180 + GST per hour

Looking for quick advice as a once-off, or simply not wanting to commit to an ongoing agreement?

We also offer services at an hourly rate. However, if you think you might need to touch base with us a few times across the year, most clients find the 'HR On Call' a more cost effective option.

HR 'On Call'

$1,750 + GST per year

10 hours of HR service to be used flexibly across 12 months

Our entry-level service is for those who need an HR expert opinion every so often, just to touch base with to ensure you're doing things correctly. Our friendly team will provide advice if and when you need it. 

This option is designed for businesses without internal HR. We can help you with all areas of HR, including:

  • employment contracts & job descriptions
  • policies & procedures
  • performance management
  • conflict management
  • strategic organisational culture
  • employee engagement
  • wellbeing initiatives
  • and more.

HR Retainer Services

Annual subscriptions from $495 + GST per month

Save time, ensure compliance and create a great team culture, by letting us take over the stress of HR ongoing. This option is a step up from HR On Call and allows for more consistent and cost-effective advice.

Level 1 starts at $495 + GST per month for 3 hours weighted HR service per month - all the way to Level 4, at $3,000 + GST per month for 20 hours weighted HR service per month.

Our 'weighted service' concept ensures you get value for money depending on the complexity of support you require for that particular month. Download our info pack for more information.

Complete Employee Handbook template included with all retainer services

** $1,500 + in added value **

Employee HR Access

Unresolved and unidentified conflict costs Aussie Employers billions every year. 

We offer our staff EAP for times of crisis, but what if we could stop it from getting there in the first place?

By giving your employees confidential access to Employii, we can:

  • coach employees through conflict, building resilience and emotional intelligence, and focusing on realistic solutions
  • provide balanced insight from an employer and HR professionals perspective
  • increase psychological safety by creating a place where staff feel safe to speak up
  • minimise excessive stress and potential workers compensation claims 
  • increase trust, loyalty and engagement; reducing staff absenteeism and turnover (and associated costs)
  • increase staff wellbeing and productivity 
  • improve your Employer Value Proposition 

You can choose to give staff access to any of your existing HR On Call or Retainer services.

Employment Contracts

From $300 + GST per role

From $100 + GST per duplicate role

It's essential to get your employment contracts right to ensure compliance, set mutual expectations and mitigate risk of potential underpayment and other claims.


  • contract of employment 
  • assessment against relevant Award or Agreements
  • basic risk analysis and recommended actions
  • 1x 45 minute meeting to ensure your understanding of the contract and to ensure it's properly customised to your business

Need an overhaul? Contact us for a custom project quote to ensure maximum value.


Employee Handbook

From $1,500 + GST for a complete customised handbook

From $1,860 + GST for a complete customised handbook + team engagement

 All employers need at least the key policies and procedures to help them reinforce an effective organisational culture, manage conflict and address performance issues. 

By having best practice policies and procedures you can be consistent and fair, Fair Work (or State equivalent) compliant, increase efficiencies, create employee engagement, set expectations understood by your team and mitigate the risk of successful unfair dismissal, general protections and other claims. 

Just want one or two policies? No worries! Depending on the quantity purchased, individual policies are $120 - $180 + GST per policy. Contact us to find out more.


Contact us for a quote

Do you have a particular project or task in mind? If it's HR related, our expert team can assist. For example:

  • Defining your values and purpose
  • Designing wellbeing programs
  • Implementing culture change projects
  • Employment contract audits
  • HR GAP analysis

Speaking Events, Training & Seminars 

From $180 + GST per hour

We offer educational training and seminars on all areas of HR, including:

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Contracts 101
  • Performance Management 101

We know that HR isn't everyone's favourite topic, but it is essential. We genuinely want people to learn; there's no point doing a 'tick box' exercise. We ensure our presentations are open, engaging and down to earth. 

Need an industry expert to speak at your next corporate or student event?

Ella (Founding Director) is an experienced and engaging industry speaker who can speak on all things HR. Get in touch to check her availability.