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Commitment to Community

Every Employii client enables us to support these great causes. So, to our clients, thank you!

Career Worthy Women | #RespectUsToo | Employment Buddy Program

DOWNLOAD: Career Worthy Women Sponsors Info
Our Charity Partner: Worthy Australia & DV Support

Career Worthy Women 

A Worthy Australia and Employii led scholarship program designed to reduce the barriers faced by women when re-entering education or the workforce after experiencing domestic violence. Joining forces with Jenn and her team at Worthy Australia, The Career Worthy Women (CWW) program helps Worthy Australia to achieve its mission to end the cycle of homelessness caused by domestic violence.

How can you help make a difference?

Download the sponsors information, or make a tax-deductible donation through Worthy Australia. 

In 2024, you'll also notice the option to 'top up' any transaction on This 'top up' goes directly to our Commitment to Community causes, including the Career Worthy Women program.

Could you benefit from the CWW program?

If you are ready to re-enter the workforce or education after your experience with domestic violence, then confidentially apply here. 

Employment & the financial security it brings, is a key enabler for leaving DV

By supporting victims to access their workplace rights, while being impacted by DV, we can support stronger long-term careers; and Employers can retain their talent.*

2/3 Aussie women reporting violence by a current partner are in paid employment

Let's work together to provide safe avenues for people of all genders to access. The alternative is absenteeism & resignation; & that benefits nobody.*

Worthy - DV Support

Worthy Australia is an Australian charity committed to assisting those that have felt the effects of domestic violence and homelessness.

Our mission is to break the cycle of homelessness for the women and children of Perth, who have been disadvantaged by domestic violence.

We turn empty houses into homes for women and children who are exiting domestic violence refuges or transitional housing. By driving donations in Perth's local communities, we source every single item needed to rebuild their lives with love and hope. We ensure the home is beautifully presented and well-equipped with everything from furniture, white goods, appliances, bedding, toys, everything down to toothbrushes and body wash.

By supporting Worthy Australia, Employii can pursue our Mission to create strong, supported and strategic careers in psychologically safe workplaces on a broader scale, therefore having a bigger impact within the community. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, click here.