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Workplace Issues

Unresolved workplace conflict, suffering in silence and stress caused by workplace investigations, can impact you well after you sign out for the day.
Invest in your wellbeing and career. From providing advice, to drafting letters and attending meetings; consider us your personal HR department. 
HR Meetings & Investigations
Grievances & Raising Work Issues
Bullying in the Workplace
Harassment & Discrimination

HR Meetings & Investigations

Being invited to a meeting by HR can be a scary thing. Receiving allegations of poor performance or misconduct is never easy. It's common to feel angry, defensive, upset, shocked, anxious and a lack of trust. Despite these feelings, you still need to participate in the investigation. 

Employii can support you every step of the way. We can assist with responding, attending meetings, 'translating' HR processes and terminology, escalating issues if needed, keeping your Employer accountable and supporting your wellbeing.

If you have been invited to an HR meeting, ensure to get expert advice straight away.

It is your career and livelihood we're talking about. Don't rely on, "She'll be right" . 

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Grievances & Raising Work Issues

All organisations should have a conflict resolution, or grievance resolution, procedure. 

However, when you're directly involved and emotionally attached to an issue, it can distort the way you respond; ultimately resulting in less favourable outcomes for you not only regarding the issue at hand, but your stress and wellbeing as well. 

By having a neutral third party, who is an expert in employment relations and knows how to navigate the process - and keep your Employer to account - you can resolve conflict quicker, be confident you're being treated fairly and keep your wellbeing in tact. 

Our 'conflict coaching' approach sees better outcomes for both you, and your organisation as a whole.

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Workplace Bullying

Bullying is when a person or group of people repeatedly act unreasonably towards somebody or a group of workers, and the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety (Fair Work Act 2009). 

It includes victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening another. What is defined as 'unreasonable' depends on the circumstance of the case at hand.

This is why it's in your interest to have an expert HR person on your side, to ensure you can address issues and access your rights according to the law. By going it alone, you risk misidentifying the type of issue, which may lead you down the wrong process and not get you the outcomes you deserve.

Workplace bullying risks the psychological safety of individuals and teams, and all organisations have a responsibility to prevent and eradicate these kind of behaviours. Additionally, all team members have a duty of care to each other, and must not adversely impact anyone's safety.

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Harassment & Discrimination

Including but not limited to sexual, racial and (dis)ability.

Unlike bullying, harassment and discrimination can be a once-off event. These behaviours are illegal by law; if you are experiencing these issues, please don't suffer in silence. Instead, let's have a confidential chat. 

Sexual Harassment

Fair Work has recently expanded its provisions aimed at protecting employees against sexual harassment. Employees, contractors, subcontractors, apprentices, trainees, interns, students and volunteers are all protected. 

Sexual harassment includes:

  • inappropriate physical contact, such as unwelcome touching
  • staring or leering
  • suggestive comments and jokes
  • sexually explicit images
  • unwanted invitations to go on dates
  • request for sex or sexual acts
  • intrusive questioning about a person's private life or body
  • insults or taunts of a sexual nature
  • sexually explicit emails or text messages 

If any of these things are happening to you, please contact us straight away. We're here to listen and help you; supporting your wellbeing in the process. All chats are confidential. 


Discrimination is when someone takes an adverse action based on a protected right. Protected rights under Fair Work are:

  • race, national extraction or colour
  • sex or sexual orientation
  • age
  • physical or mental disability
  • marital status 
  • pregnancy or family/carer's responsibilities
  • religion
  • political opinion
  • social origin

Other legislation exists banning other types of discrimination, e.g: police clearances.

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