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Client Success Stories

Each month we speak to a new client and hear how Employii's outsourced HR support has helped them achieve their business goals. Want to learn more about the types of clients we help? Click here.

Client Success Stories
Client Testimonials
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(Sydney, Australia)

Opting Employii over hiring internal HR, Employii is seen as a strategic partner, providing the expertise necessary to contribute solutions that balance compliance with creating an exceptional employee experience. 

"We needed an HR company that would drive the business forward. Someone invested in our growth."

December 2023



(Perth, Australia)

STELLA Athletes found themselves in the position of many start-ups: the need to expand.

Meeting Employii, an immediate implementation of a robust HR strategy to set STELLA up for success.

"Getting the foundations right with Employii was a breeze. Their hands-on approach made the entire implementation process seamless and hassle-free."

August 2023



(Melbourne, Australia)

Melbourne-based PMP replaced its vacant full-time HR Manager with outsourced Employii. They're feedback says it all! Expert service that streamlines systems, processes and maximises staff experience - saving money, time and stress! 

"One of the biggest benefits of partnering with Employii is the time-saving aspect.

We've managed to get the same, if not more work done in much less time than with a full-time HR manager."

July 2023



(Perth, Australia)

SECCA, a small Perth-based NFP, faced the daunting task of managing their HR operations without a dedicated in-house team.

They needed to find a partner who not only understood their values but could also help them maintain compliance, restructure their organisation, and prioritise employee wellbeing, safety and satisfaction.

"Working with Employii, we were astounded at how they enabled us to articulate our best and worst scenarios and then tease out the core values that underpin our operations.‚Ä̬†¬†

June 2023



(WA, QLD Australia & the UK)

InstaMed puts its people first. Being intentional about creating an engaging and productive work culture was a non-negotiable for this thriving start-up spread across three cities. Co-creating their company Vision, Values and Team Charter, InstaMed continues to look to Employii for ongoing HR support.

"With their hands-on approach and unwavering support, Employii has truly set a new benchmark in strategic HR partnership."

May 2023


Ere Perez 

(Sydney, Australia)

A growing team, Ere Perez has looked to Employii since 2021 to support both its managers and employees alike. Coaching through conflict, facilitating HR 101 training for Managers and hosting whole-team 'Ways of Working' workshops & more.

"We view Employii as an extension of our internal team"

April 2023


Westsec Services 

(Perth, Australia)

Frustrated by manual processes to adhere to strict industry compliance standards, Westsec came to Employii to give their onboarding and record keeping processes an overhaul. Now the Westsec team can focus on what they do best, knowing Employii has the back end under control. 

"It makes a major difference having go-to support in Employii"

March 2023


Property Assist

(Perth, Australia)

An established Employer, Shannon (Director) wanted to ensure her property management support services business was fully HR compliant and that her team (including herself) had somewhere to turn for HR support.

"We didn't know such a personalised service for HR was available until we met Ella"

Jan 2023.  


The Cleann Group 

(Perth, Australia)

As new employers, see how  Employii helped commcerical cleaning company, the Cleann Group, hire their first staff member and expand their team to support their continued business growth.

"Ella has a client in us for life. Employii is an integral part of the business and we value her team's support"

Dec 2022


Client Testimonials

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