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Closing Loopholes Act - Same Job Same Pay act australia changes closingloopholes compensationorders compliance employee enterprise agreement fair work fairness fairworkcommission hosts industry update labourhire nsw nt regulation sa small business tasmania unions vic wages Apr 30, 2024

Closing Loopholes Act - Regulated Labour Hire Arrangement Jurisdiction

Effective from - 15 December 2023


The Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Act 2023 brings important changes to labour hire arrangements. Now, employees, unions, and host employers can apply to the Fair...

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Closing Loopholes Act - Changes Redundancy Provisions australian capital territory changes closingloopholes new south wales northern territory payments redundancy reundancypay small business south australia tasmania victoria western australia Feb 28, 2024

Welcome to the next update in our Closing Loopholes series! 


Change 2: Introduction of small business redundancy exemption provisions

Usually, small business (15 employees or less) employers are not required to pay redundancy pay to employees made redundant. Previously, this was also...

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1 July 2023 Essential Updates australian capital territory employee rights employii news fair work hr compliance minimum entitlements minimum wages modern awards new south wales northern territory queensland small business south australia tasmania victoria western australia Jul 03, 2023

You may have seen in Employii's recent newsletter that effective 1 July 2023, a number of significant changes came into place. Specifically:

  • Minimum wages (Fair Work:  5.75% increase. State: will depend on your State)
  • Superannuation increased to 11%
  • Student visa holders may only work...
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